Support Services

System administration and support can often prove to be the most impactful component of a deployment’s success. D2S Cloud has a proven track record of helping our clients maintain and administer their systems in a cost-effective manner while guaranteeing best-in-class service.

Dedicated Support Manager

We will provide a dedicated support manager to work closely with your business on all the support related activities. He will be the main point of contact and would work through all the issues/support as needed.

On-demand Consulting

We also provide our consultancy services as and when you need them. One of our expert consultant will be assigned to provide you the service you need with pre-approved number of hours.

Release Review Service

As the system and functionalities evolve in the cloud platform, we will be able to provide you the release review service to analyse and validate the new functionalities and changes brought into the system. Then we will suggest the functionalities which will add value to your organization. Also we will assist you in implementing those changes into your system as smoothly as possible.

Content Integration

D2S Cloud has a dedicated Content Integration team that can provide expert testing and troubleshooting support, ensuring that content issues do not impact your organization’s ability to meet its goals. We can integrate your talent system with any third party content providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft, etc. We would ensure seamless integration with minimal manual intervention.